Whittier Cinclair Atkinson, MD (1893 - 1991)


      1922   Received his Bachelor of Science degree from Howard University

      1925   Graduated from Howard University Medical School

      1927   Arrived in Coatesville, PA and Began Medical Practice

      1936   4-Bed Unit Clement Atkinson Memorial Hospital Completed

      1938   Two-Story Addition to the Clement Atkinson Memorial Hospital

      1946   The Clement Atkinson Memorial Hospital Recognized as a General Hospital

      1947   Elected President of the PA State Medical, Dental and  Pharmaceutical Association

      1951   President, Philadelphia Academy of Medicine and Allied Science

      1953   Howard University's Alumnus of the Year

      1956   Received the Diamond Ebony Award from the Association of Elks

      1960   Named General Practitioner of the Year by the Pennsylvania Medical Society

      1978   Closed the Clement Atkinson Memorial Hospital

      1979   Retired from Practice

      1991   Dies at the Age of 97


* Dr. Atkinson was born in Waverly, Georgia the oldest of Clement and Mary Atkinson's seventeen (17) surviving children.