Volunteer Opportunities

W.C. Atkinson needs various types of volunteers year round.  We need the following types of volunteers:


  1. Kitchen Volunteers
  2. Community Garden & Grounds Volunteers
  3. Clerical Volunteers
  4. Event & Fundraising Volunteers
  5. Maintenance Volunteers
  6. Music Instruction Volunteers
  7. Life Skills Instruction Volunteers


Kitchen Volunteers

Kitchen Volunteers include individuals and groups that periodically give the kitchen in the Men’s Shelter a thorough cleaning.   We also need individuals and groups that prepare evening meals for the Men’s Shelter.  The meals may be prepared on-site or cooked and brought-in to serve.

Community Garden & Grounds Volunteers

Our community garden is a new project started by the Chester County Food Bank. At different times of the year we will need help planting, weeding and harvesting the raised-bed community garden. In addition, the community garden lives in the heart of a courtyard that needs care year round. The Atkinson also needs extra help maintaining the grass and shrubbery around the community center and its transitional and supportive permanent housing units.

Clerical Volunteers

The Atkinson always needs office assistance.  The clerical duties may include, but are not limited to the following: answering the phone, filing, taking inventory of the stationery closet and food pantry, stuffing envelopes, helping in the computer lab, scheduling appointments, returning calls, and coordinating community projects.

Event & Fundraising Volunteers

The event and fundraising volunteers work with the Atkinson’s fundraising committee.  The duties may include helping to plan events, making telephone calls, scheduling site visits, stuffing envelopes, copying correspondence, making labels, preparing mail merges, working-on donors’ lists, and writing thank you letters.

Maintenance Volunteers

Maintenance volunteers are persons with a gift for fixing things, such as, stopping a running toilet, changing a faucet, repairing a hole in a wall, replacing a door, etc.

Music Instruction Volunteers

The Atkinson is always in search of music teachers, who would enjoy teaching piano and/or organ lessons to community youth.  The Atkinson has a music room just waiting for the right volunteers.

Life Skills Instruction Volunteers

Life skills instruction volunteers are counselors, social workers, pastors, lawyers, bankers, etc., who wish to share their knowledge with the residents in the Men’s Shelter on the following “life skills” subjects:

  1. Team building
  2. Goal-Setting
  3. Finding and Getting a job
  4. Money Management
  5. Problem Solving
  6. Legal Rights and Responsibilities
  7. Goals and Aspirations
  8. Personal and Family Issues
  9. Being a man
  10. Personal and Spiritual Assessment